Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Robots Rock!

It's been a little while since we've done a full color process T-Shirt job at Manx Media, but we just pulled off a beauty this month for Sarah's Science, one of my all time favorite clients. We did a full color T of this Robot design that I drew for Sarah. Designer Mara Gendell added color and typography to my drawing to complete the shirt design.
Sarah Shaffer is a charismatic educator who runs summer science camps and after school science programs for kids in the East Bay Area in California.
It's been my great pleasure to do plenty of illustration and T-Shirt work for Sarah, and the latest project was the full color robot T-Shirt.
The key to a successful process color T-Shirts is a great set of color separations. I sent out to Scott Fresener's T-Biz shop for seps and the shirt printed like a charm! We added a spot color screen for the type, making it a five color job. I highly recommend Scott's products and services. We were able to burn perfect screens from the seps he provided, and print accordingly.
We're hoping for a chance to do more full color shirt jobs soon!

Steve Lafler
Manx Media

Monday, November 07, 2011

The Best T-Shirt: Gildan vs. Gildan

 Gildan 5000

At present, the best basic T-shirts for quality, price, color selection and availability are the Gildan 2000 and the Gildan 5000. The 2000 is a standard heavyweight T-Shirt, while the 5000 is a medium weight T. Both are 100% cotton.
These days, it seems like the hipsters and kids prefer a lighter T-Shirt like the 5000, or even the American Apparel 2001. The baby boomers like the heavier T's like the 2000. The American Apparel 2001 is pricier than the Gildan styles, it should be noted, but it's a darn nice shirt.
You can view color charts for at the highlighted links above, and with the 2001 color chart you can click on the color to see it modeled.
American Apparel 2001

Let me know if you'd like to quote a custom T-Shirt printing job on any of these great shirts. Manx Media can print anywhere from 20 to 2000 shirts and up, just let me know how many you want and what sizes. Show me your art file and we'll talk price.
We are all about quality and service, putting the shirts you want in your hands, printed just right, and on schedule.

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Manx Media
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