Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Bughouse T-Shirt

I've added a new Bughouse T-Shirt to my online store, in honor of my upcoming tour to promote my new graphic novel Menage a Bughouse.

It's printed full color on a cotton ringer T (white body/black trim) at $18.49.

Steve Lafler
Manx Media
Quality Screen Printing at reasonable rates.

Friday, June 22, 2012

American Apparel 2001 Basic T

The American Apparel 2001 basic cotton unisex T remains a great value for the style conscious. Yes, Am App still uses overly sexy images in it's advertising. But they also pay a (half) decent wage to their workers in L.A., so I weight the good and bad points against each other.

I like the 2001 a lot, it looks good and wears well, and it comes in dozens of great colors.

It takes a print nicely, especially fussy graphics with a lot of color--we did a really great looking process color shirt for Margaret Cho a few years back, featuring a retro style illustration of the star in lingerie (it was Margaret's burlesque phase!). It printed beautifully on a range of American Apparel shirts.

Call me at 503-213-3671 for a quote on printing your custom shirt job on the #2001, or zip me an email.

Steve Lafler
Manx Media