Monday, January 16, 2006

Tour Merch

Manx Media Custom Screen Printing has years of experience supplying touring acts with merchandise. We have provided the whole range of screen printed and embroidered items from work shirts, panties, zipper hoodies and nylon jackets all the way to the ubiquitous t-shirt (in both men's and women's styles) to some demanding acts with ingenious designs. You'd be amazed at some of the unusual print jobs we've produced for our touring clientele--we're always up for a challenge!

White some acts prefer to purchase goods for the whole tour up front and load up the van, others prefer to travel light and have us drop ship the goods to them as they travel from venue to venue. In a pinch, we have shipped overnight or 2nd day when a hot item sells out (we ship via DHL, who are not only efficient, but by far the best deal in the shipping industry). Our priority is to keep our touring clients supplied with the merch they need to make the tour a profitable venture.

Some of the acts we have worked with over the past decade:

The Residents
Margaret Cho
Angry Samoans
Chix on Speed

Send me an email at with any questions you have about touring merch. Let's look at all the garment decorating and design options to come up with the right mix of touring merchandise for your act.

Steve Lafler
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