Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get a Custom T-Shirt Printing Quote

Here is a sample of a full color T-Shirt design we printed for Sarah's Science. I did the art for this one too.

So you want to get some T-Shirts printed. Chances are you have a design, or an idea for a design. The shirt may be for your business, school, band, club, fundraiser, event or just for fun. My business is wholesale T-Shirt printing, so let's get started.

I can make a quote for you based on some basic information about your project. Here's what I need to know:

* Quantity of shirts
* Size breakdown
* Number of colors in your design. Shirt color does not count. White and black do.
* Color of shirt you'd like to print on
* Type of shirt, for example basic T-Shirt, Child T-Shirt, Women's scoop neck T, etc.

Go ahead and email me this information, and I can create an accurate quote for your T-Shirt printing project. I should mention that Manx Media has a minimum order of 50 shirts. We are quality and service oriented. Our priority is to do a top notch job and put the shirts in your hands by your deadline.

I consider it a privilege to be able to quote on your job. I appreciate the opportunity to set you up with some great looking shirts.

Steve Lafler
Manx Media

Phone 503-213-3671
Printing and shipping from Portland, Oregon and Oakland, California.


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