Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hanes is Still Here: Their Best Value

Hanes still makes great T-Shirts when all is said and done. While the Hanes Beefy-T no longer rules the roost, it is still a big seller, although maybe a bit overpriced.
As a custom screen printer, I think the best value from Hanes is the #5280. It is a medium weight all cotton T-Shirt that comes in a stack of colors. It wears well -- the lighter medium weight shirts have replaced the heavy weights in overall popularity.

Of course, Hanes call it a heavy weight. but it's listed as a 5.2 ounce cotton T-shirt, and any screen printer will tell you, that means medium weight, baby!
The 5280 is priced about the same as the Gildan Heavyweight T, and a bit more than the Gildan medium weight T. It may have a slightly softer feel than the Gildan.
As ever, drop me an email if you would like to price out your custom screen printing job on the Hanes 5280.
Steve Lafler
Manx Media

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