Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Start A T Shirt Printing Business

I'm writing this in September 2012. We are four years into the worst economy I've lived through in my 30+ years in the T-Shirt business (thanks Bush!).

The amazing thing is that I've always been able to make a decent living in the T Shirt printing biz through every recession since 1980, when I graduated from college. I argue that the T Shirt business is as recession proof as any. Nearly everyone wears T Shirts. When I started printing shirts as an undergrad in 1978, there was a general sense that imprinted sportswear was a fad that would pass. I knew it wouldn't.
We print other garments too.

A few days ago I posted a piece on how to start a T Shirt printing business on my other blog (Self Employment for Bohemians). Take a look if this subject interests you. Just click through the link. My motivation is to help people get a good start in successful self employment.

Steve Lafler

Manx Media Custom Screen Printing


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