Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Your Portland Oregon T-Shirt Printers

Manx Media is a Custom T-Shirt company with production in Portland, Oregon. Essentially it's a two man operation. David Perkin operates the press, burns screens and maintains the shop in the St. Johns neighborhood of North Portland, while I handle sales, business, art and graphics from my laptop in Oaxaca, Mexico.

We have been printing shirt jobs together in Portland since 2005, but both of us have been in the business for a long time. I set up my first T-Shirt shop in Eugene in 1981, before running a shop for many years in Oakland, CA. David, a Portland native, has worked in several shops over the years, including my shop in Oakland..

We came together in the wholesale custom screen printing business with a commitment to quality and service. We print with a Workhorse six color, six station manual press, with spot curing capability allowing us to produce multicolor prints on dark shirts. We are T-Shirt geeks, willing to go the extra mile to get it just right.

Current clients include Cosmic Monkey Comics in Portland, Haight Ashbury T-Shirts in San Francisco, and Sarah's Science in Castro Valley California. In the past we have printed for dozens of mom and pop operations, as well as entertainers like comedian Margaret Cho and cult band The Residents.

Manx Media also works with some great ink slingers in the San Francisco Bay Area, with Mats Stromberg and Mike Perkin (David's brother) handling overflow production.

Manx would like to be your custom T-Shirt printer. We're ready to set you up with exactly what you need, and guarantee the highest quality work. Show us your graphic and tell us what type of shirt you'd like to print on, and we'll come up with a price for your T-Shirt project.

Thanks for considering Manx!

Steve Lafler
Call for a quote 503-213-3671 or email Steve

Manx Media Custom Screen Printing


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